Innocent Corruption

Innocent Corruption
ebook – September 2011
ISBN (ePub)  9780983471134

*MAD*FACTS* 3000 words • Contemporary Erotica • Sex with Strangers. WINNER, Hot New Erotic Voice ~ 2008 Erotic Fiction Contest.

Innocent Corruption
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She’s every woman who’s ever yearned to explore her sexuality. Raised and married conservative, now recently divorced, she longs for something other than what she’s experienced in the bedroom to date—missionary and mundane.

So she’ll take a walk on the wild side of sin tonight… A walk into a club known for its sexual exploits. A walk straight into the arms of the most dangerously exciting man she’s ever met—before she even knows his name.

It promises to be the most thrilling night of her life. If she’s daring enough to see it through.

*MAD*WARNING* If you like your encounters hot an’ against the wall and without unnecessary foreplay (Names? Who needs ’em?) this story’s for you. Mature audiences only!

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Pinpricks of awareness raised the hairs on the back of my neck. I reluctantly shifted my attention from the threesome, unerringly focusing my gaze on the man my body had already responded to. He sat behind the bar, alone in the corner, lost in the shadows save for the banked power I sensed. The energy he radiated toward me.

He wasn’t dressed like the other bartenders, in their unremarkable long-sleeved black shirts. He wasn’t surveying the club clientele, as though taking a short break, ready to return to work at a moment’s notice. He was staring straight at me.

Once our gazes connected through the faint light, he immediately saluted me with the drink he held. A flash of white slashed across his mouth, indicating a brief smile.

This is what I’d come for, I reminded myself, and returned the salute with my own glass, hearing the ice clink hollowly inside. A turbulent protest started in my stomach, but I refused to lower my gaze. Maintaining eye contact with anyone required effort, but while at Donovan’s—a club whose sole purpose was to provide an environment for willing participants to fulfill their sexual fantasies—it was practically impossible. But I made myself do it.

I’d entered this club for a reason, and my body was determined to see it through, even as my rational mind panicked. Seeing the tall man gracefully relinquish his seat in the corner, place his empty glass on the edge of the bar and pause, the hard set of his jaw asking a question without saying a word, I made up my mind—the sex was free and I was ready to be easy.

And he was the one I wanted.

Dark hair ruthlessly scraped-back. Dangerous glint in his narrowed eyes. Devil-may-care lift to his chin as he ate up the distance between us, advancing like a sleek panther closing in on its prey. Everything about him attracted me immensely. He was so different from the staid, conventional man I’d married right out of college.

When I failed to blink or look away, failed to scurry to safety, the intimidating stranger came directly to my side, his intense gaze anchoring me in place. Up close, I saw that his black hair was tied back at his nape. A single rebellious section fell forward to his jaw, the ends pointing out that he needed a shave.

Dark, dangerous and fixated on me.


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Innocent Corruption

$.99 eBook: Amazon Kindle | Amazon Kindle UK | Nook – Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | All Romance eBooks