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Since 2006 when I first discovered the gorgeous artwork of pastel artist Michael Breyette, it’s been inspiring the male characters in many of my books. Most are straight, a few are gay, but they’re all hot alpha hunks who know how to please their lover.

Read on to see which of Michael’s pieces have helped create heroes in my published and upcoming novels…

~~page updated July 2012~~

Months ago, I shared my latest cowboy inspiration in one of my blog posts over at the Wild & Wicked Cowboys Blog. Eeegads! I forgot to update this page. Well, Isaiah McKenzie is introduced below, in all his naked & cowboy-hatted splendor.


published stories


Here’s a close up of the artwork Kirk. Before ever reading Michael’s description of male beauty on this piece, I was drawn to the striking features and gorgeous eyes of Kirk. For me, he’s become Zeus, an illegitimate son in Regency England with a very big chip on his shoulder. Kirk has a thing for stockings; Zeus does too, but they differ. 😉

Lady Scandal

Snow Day

Snow Day, one of my very favorite pieces, inspired the character of Jonah. I mean, look at that face…those eyes…those lips (that ass!).

As part of the McKenzie clan, Jonah is featured in the Bottoms Up series. His book is Rein Me In.

SoakSoak started my fascination with Michael’s art. I think I was looking for “cowboy e-cards” and found his site through good ole Google. Slick, hard and wet, this damn fine cowboy helped create Boaz McKenzie. Bo’s story, the first in the Bottoms Up series, is told in Restrain Me.
Restrain Me
works in progress
I’m usually mum when it comes to sharing details about stories that aren’t yet published. But given how slow I write (quality over quantity, I keep reminding myself!) I think it’s only fair to post a little about what I’m working on and share the heroes in all their glory…

Time to meet Isaiah McKenzie! From the bottom of my hard drive, I thank the phenomenal Michael Breyette for the inspiration behind Isaiah, the third-eldest McKenzie.

And yes, thanks to this awesome picture, I am happy to report that Isaiah is a closet nudist 🙂 and his story will be the next installment in the Bottoms Up series.

Hope you think he’s as yummy as I do!

A snippet of Isaiah’s story is available here.

Pensive SkyBoth of these fine gents are heroes in my upcoming Untitled debut gay romance. Set in the late 80s, this story features Grant (on the right) who’s always known he was gay, and Bryan (on the beach), a younger man who’s recently become a widower. Now dealing with grief, he’s also coming to terms with his growing love for another man.
Morning Glory

Still Waters

Staring at this handsome, somewhat solemn (maybe only thoughtful) man sparked the creation of Nathaniel, a quiet and usually composed man inhabiting Regency England. I say “usually” because all hell is about to break loose when his daughters secretly arrange for him to be a candidate in a marriage scheme. We meet Nate (very briefly) in Lady Scandal. He’s the hero in the forthcoming Lady Imposter. This piece is titled Still Waters and since this setting is just too damn moving not to incorporate where I could, water will play a role in Nate’s story.