Restrain Me

Western, Light BDSM
July 2009
67,000 word novelISBNs
ebook 9781419919947
print 9781419962622
Restrain Me – Bottoms Up Book I

Submissive urges. Hidden desires. With the help of one rugged West Texas cowboy, Sommer’s about to discover hers…

Fed up with his meddlesome family, mounting responsibilities and meager sex life, Boaz “Bo” McKenzie roars into Rustlers Junction with a single goal in mind—to find the hottest filly in town and ride her senseless. A sound spanking may be in order as well.

Outrageously betting she’ll bed the next man to walk through the door, normally reserved Sommer vows to cap off her stay at a local dude ranch with a ride on a real cowboy. But it’ll be Bo riding her, rough, randy, and all through the night.

Neither expects how explosive their encounters will be or where they’ll lead…with Bo branding Sommer as his, flesh and soul.

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2009 CAPA Nominee, Contemporary erotic romance

Top Pick



5 Hearts – Bo is an absolutely rugged alpha cowboy who will play on the reader’s hearts. The naughty, raw, and delightfully submissive loving will have the reader turning page and after page… The Romance Studio

TOP PICK! 5 Stars – “This is the first book in a hilarious series…I think I have fallen in love with the McKenzie family.”Terri NOR

5 Kisses – Bo is…endearing to me. He loves Sommer’s feisty spirit and guides her along some intriguing D/s situations which had me furiously flipping the pages. Alyssa Brooks and Larissa Lyons start off what I hope will be a continuing contemporary western series. – TwoLips Reviews

5 Stars – OMG! I loved this book and can’t wait to read about the other brothers and cousins. I don’t think you’ll be able to submit the other family members stories fast enough for me. But I will be looking and waiting. Read in 1 day.Reader comment, Jasmine Jade site

5 Stars – Please tell me this is just the first in a series. This is officially my favorite book by these two. Reader comment, Jasmine Jade site

4.5 Stars – The sex scenes were smoking hot. They were well-detailed and plentiful in number and variety. – Just Erotic Romance Reviews



Reader Advisory: Get ready for a few coils of rope, anal sex, several spankings…and a scene that some readers might find disturbing; others will find it a sizzling prelude to smokin’-hot sex.  

{our excerpt starts at the tail end of Chapter 3…}

“Sugar, I’m looking for one thing tonight,” he told her in a low whisper, “and I see exactly what I want…but can I take it?”

Her not-quite-prim lips stretched in satisfaction when she smiled. It was enough to drive him over the edge even before her words toppled him the rest of the way. “Take me, cowboy—hard and fast. That’s the only way I like it.”

Chapter Four
Do you like to be on top?  

Sophisticated Woman, March issue, three years ago.

Take Me From Behind!

A true submissive—at least in the bedroom—it’s obvious you want to be overpowered sexually. That’s not to say you won’t speak up for yourself, just that you’d rather not have to. You like strong, manly men who know how to give you what you need without having to be told.

Um. Wow. Even after changing her response to question 2 which was the only one she even remotely hesitated on…

Take Me From Behind!

* * * * *

Presumptuous of this stranger to already have his arms around her so possessively.

Presumptuous of her to issue such a sexually bold invitation. Take me.

Ten seconds in and already Sommer couldn’t get enough. She’d swear she left all self-control and self-doubt at the booth with Suzy.

Suzy probably needed them more than her.

“That a fact?” he growled in that honey-over-biscuits way he had and she could hear the need in his voice. The hunger.

“If you ask me, it’s far less exciting the other way around—a woman, ravishing a man? In the bedroom, I prefer…you know…” She purposely left the statement hanging, having no idea what she was opening herself up for and unwilling to try to stop it.

Never in her life had she flirted—or drunk—like this. She was pushing him, pushing herself further than she’d ever gone before. It was kinda fun.

Kinda fun? It was the wildest, free-est she could ever remember being. And she hoped it didn’t end. Not by a long shot.

“No, I don’t know what you mean,” he drawled, though she rather thought he did. “Why don’t you tell me just what you like in the bedroom? Spell it out.”

She answered him with her eyes, wondering, could he understand her? Did this cowboy have what it took to really turn her on…or was he just another desperado?

No…no way. Not with his looks. His attitude.

His hat. That sexy Stetson perched atop his head as if it belonged there, making her wish she’d bought one of her own at the boutique. Maybe she’d just ask to borrow his…

The bartender her cowboy had been chatting up previously poured her second vodka with a splash and a wink. Forgetting to brace herself, Sommer took a drink, choking as the harsh liquid singed her throat.

“Okay,” she gasped. “I’ve changed my mind. Orange juice this time, please.”

She pushed the glass forward and the woman behind the counter grinned knowingly, taking it away.

So much for that. She’d tried…but she just wasn’t a drinker, especially once she’d made her point. Captured the interest of her cowboy. At least the flirting was going well, but could she really make it through a one-night stand more sober than not?

Looked as though she were about to. With fifty bucks—and her self-satisfaction—on the line, she wasn’t about to lose that bet with Suzy. Sommer needed to prove herself—to herself—and she’d known she would go through with it the moment he walked in.