Tied Between Two Lovers

Erotic Ménage Romance
Ellora’s Cave, March 2009
115,000 word novel
Tied Between Two Lovers
What’s a girl to do when she finds herself tied between two alpha males both trying to run her life? Why, earn her spanking, of course!

A scarred bodyguard with a secret past.
Slave to his guilt, Rio Tarin has spent a decade watching over Juliana from the shadows. Now he must reveal himself—or risk losing her all over again.

An ex-soldier in need of an angel.
Tortured by flashbacks, Cord Ramsey returns from the war only to discover his family home sold out from under him. The current owner, Rio, proposes a deal—Cord can keep his property if he can keep one wild woman under protective custody for a few days.

And the feisty reporter they both want to save…
Tied up? Kidnapped? Dumped at a stranger’s dumpy plantation? Rio’s back from the dead five minutes and already trying to run Juli’s life! But while he’s playing the unwanted hero, it’s her newly enlisted watchdog who’s playing her body—to the tune of his. For Cord’s no gentleman and soon his rough and ramblin’ ways will tangle all three of them in an inescapable web of desire.

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4.5 Excellent – This is a fascinating and complex romance and worth every second spent reading. A lover of erotic romance could not ask for a better example of how it should be done. Romance Readers Connection

4 Hearts – Read this one if you like your stories steaming hot with a confident heroine and tortured heroes who want the best for their ladyLisa, The Romance Studio

An Excellent Read – The chemistry between all parties was smoking hot…Describing in detail the evolution of a ménage made for an engrossing read. Night Owl Romance

5 Stars Great book – I was stuck between wanted to rush through it to get to the end and see what happened, and not wanting the book to end! Very well plotted story, emotive, sexy and complex as well as fun and lighthearted in places. Reader comment, Jasmine Jade site

5 Stars Great Book!! I’m all a twitter, there were no typos, great editing, great characters, and a great plot. Reader comment, Jasmine Jade site

excerptThis excerpt is intended for readers over 18.

Not for the faint of heart! This story features two men who want the same woman and learning to share involves hot emotions and even hotter sex—ropes in the barn, bubbles in the bathtub, and spaghetti all over the kitchen. Spankings and anal. Exhibitionism. Voyeurism. A whole lot of orgasms…including an explosive ménage and happily-ever-after that’s worth reading more than once!

Madre de Dios! How could she?

He’d thought he meant something to her! He’d tasted her passion first, not Cord!

Juliana was angling her hips, rubbing her pussy over Cord’s pubic hairs. Writhing in the paint. Groaning at the sensations.

Or was that him?

Rio clenched his fists and shifted in the doorway. He had to get a grip. He’d anticipated this, hadn’t he? It meant nothing. Juliana was his, she’d always be his. He sure as hell didn’t intend to share her.

He couldn’t take any more. He had to get out of there.

Taking a step back, he bumped into the wall. The small sound seemed to echo around him.

Cord glanced in his direction. Their eyes locked.

Nervously, Rio’s hand went to his face as if to hide the scars. To conceal his embarrassment. His weakness.

Something flashed in Cord’s gaze. His eyes flicked downward, spotted Rio’s erection then shot straight back to his face.

Shit. He was caught red-handed and hard-cocked spying on them. But he couldn’t move. Didn’t want to.

What amazed him more was that he was even able to hold back. To watch. To let Juliana fuck another man. But intruding and demanding her love didn’t appeal. He wanted to be wanted, to be invited, sought after.

Was that what he wanted?

The thought caught him off guard. For her to come after him? Right. As if that would happen. If the way he looked didn’t preclude that possibility, the way he’d lied to her—first keeping his existence a secret, now keeping her trapped—certainly would.

So he stood there, a scarred, horny bastard, torturing himself, watching as the humanly perfect specimen beneath her smiled knowingly and returned his attention back to Juliana, dismissing Rio as if he didn’t exist.

God, that hurt.

Rio wanted to storm out and run away. He wanted to leave. He needed to get off. But he stayed, too weak to move. And he watched, watched as Cord wrapped the fingers of one hand in Juliana’s hair and tugged her head back in a fierce grip until she was staring at the ceiling.

She whimpered, but the action of her hips never ceased. With every lift and fall of her pelvis, Rio watched Cord’s cock disappear between the flushed, hairy mound of Juliana’s cunt. Watched it and yearned for it. To touch…to taste.

Cord tightened the hold on her hair. Rio’s eyes widened. Why couldn’t he look away? Why couldn’t he leave?

With his other hand, Cord delivered a swift smack to her bottom. “Who are you thinking about?” Cord asked, his voice gruff.

Juliana hesitated, the motion of her pelvis stilled. “You,” she whispered, barely loud enough for Rio to hear.

Cord slapped her bottom again, making her cry out. “Tell me the truth. Louder, this time. Who are you thinking about?”

“You and Rio,” Juliana yelled, collapsing on top of Cord and closing her thighs around his. “You and Rio,” she said again, crying.

Cord released her hair and hugged her with one arm while smacking her thighs with the other. His eyes locked with Rio’s once again.

Emotion flared in Rio’s gut, molten, ready to explode. He dug his fingernails into the doorframe to keep from rushing forward and claiming her. His woman.

“Why are you thinking about Rio?” Cord demanded, no longer spanking her but now lifting his buttocks off the floor, arching his penis higher into her body. “Why are you thinking about Rio while you ride my cock?” Cord stared straight at Rio, all emotion shielded from his face. “Why, Juli?”

He popped her ass again when she remained silent.

Rio stopped breathing as he waited for her answer.

“I’m always thinking about Rio.”

“Even when you’re having sex with me?” Cord wouldn’t let him look away.

“Even when I’m having sex with anybody…”