Larissa in cowboy hat

In 2008 while hiking with her dad.

The “casual” lowdown:

Howdy! As one reviewer recently put it, I write “shockingly humorous” Regencies. I’m flattered she thought so, and glad there are others who share my offbeat sense of humor. I write around some health challenges and computer limitations so it’s a while between releases, but stick with me…I’m working on the next one!

Mr. Lyons and I live with several demanding cats (okay, one wants you to know she’s actually a furry “princess”), and I have an excessive addiction to all things chocolate and an aversion to all things housekeeping.

The “official” bio:

Larissa writes sexy contemporaries, spicy regencies and upbeat-ending erotica, always blending heartfelt emotion and humor. With a penchant for sexy, studly cowboys and rowdy, roaring rogues, she’s happiest when composing stories about strong men with a weakness for the right woman.

She loves cats, chocolate, and her husband—though not necessarily in that order (brownies rank in there somewhere, as do James Bond films). She’s been a clown, a tax analyst, and a pig castrator (!) , but none of those endeavors satisfy quite like putting pen to paper and seeing her stories come to life.


Larissa donates 10% or more of every royalty check to charitable efforts. While wild, big cat rescue operations are her main focus >^..^<, she also supports zero (or negative) population growth, holistic healthcare, a reduction in synthetic chemicals, and wildfire suppression efforts.

She encourages you to support good works you believe in, with either monetary or time donations. (Both if you can afford it.) Do what you can to help our planet and its beautiful people.


Fun picture of Larissa

Laughing her fool head off and having a blast.

Writing Recognition and Awards

Several of Larissa’s stories have won contests and publishing contracts, including her first-place finish in the 2009 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest. That winning story has been expanded and is now available as A Heart for Adam…& Rick! She was runner-up in 2008 with Innocent Corruption and that earned her the distinction of being named the Hot New Erotic Voice.

Her Regency novella, Miss Isabella Thaws a Frosty Lord was named a finalist in the 2010 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence contest. Prior to its expansion and solo release, the anthology it was in, Cotillion Christmas Spirits, was nominated by The Romance Studio (TRS) as Best Romance Anthology for 2010.

Branded was nominated by TRS as Best Contemporary Erotic Romance for 2009.

The first erotic romance Larissa ever wrote won Liquid Silver’s Zodiac Contest in 2005. Now expanded, it’s become Starlight Seduction.