Cocky Kisses
Series: Texas Bad Boys, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The destruction of a girlish infatuation…

Can the asshat jerk of her teenage dreams ever redeem himself? Doubtful. So despite her longtime, secret crush, prosecuting attorney Jenny Beckman resolves to forget the sexy bastard her best friend dumped at the altar. They're both well rid of the selfish douche.

A changed man, Brad runs into Jenny at a costume party—and isn't recognized. What an opportunity! He can't wait to take the little spitfire to task for adding to his humiliation a few months ago. But the night doesn't go as planned. He's the one dressed as a swashbuckling rogue—so why is sweet Jenny the one stealing his heart?

Might turn in to the best reality ever.

The costumed marauder thinks to seduce her with cocky kisses? Jenny's happy to let him. Hasn't she suffered enough heartache the last year? What with a psycho-stalker ex and the ruin of her teenage crush? But this fun, sexy pirate with the talented tongue and wicked sense of humor? He's just what the therapist ordered.

Until he's not.

Because when the costumes come off, hearts are on the line. And Jenny's has been shattered one time too many.


Coming Summer 2019

About the Book
About the Author
Larissa Lynx

Larissa Lynx writes sexy, heartfelt contemporaries featuring strong Texas men with a weakness for the right woman.

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