Mistress by Morning

Pestered by a persistent stammer, a Regency lord must find a way to woo his new mistress without words. He just hopes she can hear what’s in his heart.

Lord Tremayne has a problem. He stammers like a fool—at least that’s what he learned from his father’s constant criticism and punishing hand. Daniel now hides his troubles, limiting his speech and getting by with a few close friends. His well-fought privacy is all for naught when he goes looking for a new mistress and finds a delightful young woman who makes him, of all people, want to spout poetry. He thought he had a problem before? Avoiding meaningless dinner prattle is nothing compared to the challenge of winning the heart of his new lady lust.

Recently widowed and increasingly poor, Thea’s been reduced to sharing her rented room with rodents and arguing over every morsel (the mice usually win). When a friend suggests an alliance of the most intimate sort, Thea’s reluctantly intrigued. But given her lackluster marriage, she doubts her ability to entice an experienced man. The considerate, if quiet, Lord Tremayne attracts her mightily, so she sets aside her misgivings. That is, until Thea fears she's about to break the cardinal rule of mistressing—that of falling for her new protector.

Release Date: April 30, 2020
978-1-949426-10-6 print, 978-1-949426-08-3 ebook

About the Book

At 110,000 words, Mistress by Morning is a full-length Regency-styled historical romance brimming with emotion, humor and sexy romps. For a true historical feel, the story is written using period-appropriate slang (known as cant) and words used during the early 1800s.The Regency hero stutters and avoids talking rather than risk embarrassment.

Mistress by Morning began as my first erotic Regency romance with Ellora’s Cave. Published in 2007 and at only 20,000 words, I never felt as though the  two characters were truly given the story they deserved in that version titled Impure Longings. Once I had the rights back, I kept the chapter of their meeting and first evening together and scrapped the rest, crafting an entirely new story, start-to-finish, that I’m delighted with. So are Thea and Daniel. 🙂

I hope you are too.  Larissa

About the Author
Larissa Lyons

Larissa Lyons writes fun and sexy regency romance that one reviewer described as “shockingly humorous”.

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