Miss Isabella Available in Large Print

After wanting to do a Large-Print edition for years, I’m tickled to announce that my best-reviewed book to date, Miss Isabella Thaws a Frosty Lord, will be coming out in large print next month. Just in time to celebrate Christmas in July. 😉

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For anyone who likes authentic-sounding historical romance, but may not be overly fond of super sexy stuff, Miss Isabella might be right up your alley. It’s my tamest book, and reviewers compared the style and “caliber”– to my surprise and immense delight – to books by both Jane Austen and Carla Kelly, thrilling me to no end.


Lady Scandal available for Pre-order

Lady Scandal cover

After years and years of no activity on the publishing front (regardless of how much activity has been going on in the background on the writing front), I’m thrilled to announce that Lady Scandal, my very first self-published release ever, has gotten a lovely makeover–complete with gorgeous new cover, thank you Victoria Cooper!–and is also coming out in print for the first time!

Releasing June 30, 2020 – Lady Scandal

Lady Scandal cover
Lady Scandal 2nd Ed, available in e-book and print.
Note to Readers who bought and read the first edition, with the the cover below: the story is basically unchanged.
1st Ed Cover

Flower Essences

I sit here staring at a blank screen because every prior attempt to blog has been an abject failure. I struggle with which parts of myself to release into the public/online given a strong and inherent preference for utter privacy. Those who know me sometimes struggle with reconciling the quirky, outgoing (yes, loud) person who’s, in truth, such a strong introvert.

So, in an attempt to be authentic and actually have – hopefully – something of interest to share, I’ll start by talking a bit about an energetic or holistic healing modality I’ve studied for a number of years.

Another time I’ll talk about the wonderful woman who introduced me to flower essences. For now, let’s just say after deriding the idea of anything so “out there” after growing up in a very traditional, concrete, fact-based environment, I’ve had a number of remarkable experiences with essences myself and after stepping back for a while, have returned with full interest.

Bach flower essences are, I believe, the most widely known brand. Most of my personal studies have been with Flower Essence Services or F.E.S., out of California. I’ve used and studied their essences for close to twenty years.

Recently, though, I’ve become aware of a great company out of Arizona, Desert Alchemy. Given how one of my cats, Cholla, is named after a cactus and Mr. Lyons and I have lived in the desert for the last twenty years, it’s no wonder this company called to me.

The more I’ve checked things out, read, and used their products, the more I’m liking them. I’ve even noticed a course being offered in 2021 that piques my interest… Hmmm, wonder how the travel scene will be next. Something to ponder.

New Website Underway

Because I have trouble doing anything by half measures (except housekeeping, unfortunately 🙄 ), now that I’m prepping to release so many books at once and finally have a cohesive, branded look – yay! – I decided a website makeover was in order.

To that end, when I should be uploading the rest of my preorders or – shock of shocks – actually writing, I’ve been tinkering with website design and appearance. Thankfully, there’s been a couple others willing to help: a quick shout out to Jaycee, with Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs, and Oliver, on the other side of the pond ;-), with webtecdesign.uk.

Coming from a perfectionistic, do-it-myself HTML mindset, working with WordPress is taking some getting used to. I feel so fortunate to have found a couple of people who know their stuff and are willing to help!

Upcoming Books – April  2020

Upcoming Books – April  2020

Along with several brand-new books, there’s a new pen name in play: Larissa Lynx for contemporaries. Larissa Lyons for historicals. What? I sound cat crazy? >^..^<

I’ve been working toward releasing a number of books ASAP. Several are original, never-before-released novels; a couple are revised, older books.

Historical Regency Romance, Mistress in the Making series

Seductive Silence   ~  Lusty Letters   ~  Daring Declarations