Coffee and Laughs Giveaway

Texas Coffee

I didn’t start drinking coffee until my early 40s (I’m dating myself here – so pretend like you didn’t just read that last sentence). But once I started, I quickly noticed the difference between organic versus plain Jane cheapo from the grocery store. My husband recently discovered Texas Coffee Roasters, from Far West Texas, and we can both really tell the quality and the smooth, robust flavor, especially when we’ve been drinking the cheaper stuff and switch over.

We recently gave my parents some and they echoed their enjoyment of it, so I thought it would be great to share with readers. Some of the labels crack me up, like the green lizard character. I’ll definitely have to try the Jaguar Mountain next.

My favorite way to drink? Well, have any of you noticed how delightful a dollop of ice cream is in that morning coffee? I highly recommend you give it a try.

The winner of our second prize bundle is Mary from Australia! Since she’s not in the U.S., in lieu of the actual prize package, she received a gift certificate of equitable value. Congrats, Mary!



Chocolate and Cats Giveaway

Spirit Cats

I first discovered Nicole Piar’s Spirit Cats when perusing tarot decks over at Amazon. When I found her calendar, I was hooked. From the way she names the days of the week (Monday is Moon for example) to the poignant sentiments expressed on each page – not to mention the glorious watercolor cats, this quickly became one of my favorite calendars ever.

And when I saw the upcoming 2021 version? Oh my! Looks so much like my sassy girl! I was delighted and knew I wanted to share this calendar with my readers.

SassyCat Pic SpiritCats Calendar Cover

I’m delighted to announce A. of Illinois as the winner of the Chocolate and Cats Giveaway bundle!


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