BOOK RELEASE: Renegade Kisses by Larissa Lynx

Renegade Kisses is Available Now

“The chemistry between Lexi and Nico is some of the best I’ve ever read, and the ending made me smile so wide! What a wonderful story.” –Bookbub review

“What a wonderful book! The sex is smoking hot and I was laughing out loud at some of the banter and scenes playing out in this story.” –Goodreads review

“I found Alexis and Nico’s story to be well worth reading as it held my interest until the end. This story had me laughing…” –Bookbub review

“Very emotionally diverse, with both light and heavy moments. It has everything from laughter and witty banter, to sizzling chemistry and super hot love scenes, but also heartbreaking, cry-inducing moments.” –Goodreads review

Tattooed bad boy Nico faces his past, his doubts, and his demons to claim the woman who stole his heart.

If off-limits rich girl Alexis is champagne and hot yoga, then he’s campouts and cold beer. They were perfect together—until he screwed everything up.When he learns his “Sexy Lexi” is getting married tomorrow to the wrong man, Nico crashes her wedding rehearsal.

Before the night is through, he’s gonna steal a kiss—and a whole lot more. He’ll risk everything for the woman he loves, even if he has to kidnap her from the church to prove it.

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I’m excited to announce these three have gone cyber wide! If you are one of my fabulous readers that likes to use kobo, NOOK, Apple Books, or Google Play Books I’ve got you covered. 

… and guess what?  The Mistress in the Making Trilogy will be next!


Available Now – Her Three Studs

Her Three Studs

Because sometimes, one puck just isn’t enough…

I’ve just experienced my first one-night stand. With two studs! I can hardly believe it. Professional hockey players Rurik and Jeff, whose caresses skated all over my body and brought it to life as no one ever has. But when the fun’s over and I try to leave, they won’t let me. Not alone.

In Her Three Studs, Jeff starts to feel possessive sooner than Carolina -or I- ever expected. I hope you enjoy it 😉


Only 99¢ – My Two-Stud Stand

My Two-Stud Stand

Because sometimes, a girl just really needs a good, hard puck…

This story started out as a simple -sex with strangers- challenge, with Rurik as the Hero. Shocked me to the core when he got Carolina to his hotel room and his roommate joined in!

As a ‘panster’ (a writer who flies by the seat of their pants instead of using a detailed story outline), I had absolutely no idea Jeff even existed until he opened the bathroom door. I love being surprised by my characters and wasn’t ready to let this trio go quite yet. Carolina’s story continues in Her Three Studs.

Only 99¢ – Starlight Seduction, a fun and sexy vacation romance.

Starlight Seduction Available Now graphic

Looking for a fun and sexy, no-stress escape? Here’s a novella that’ll provide a pleasant hour or so, whisking you away on a cruise ship bound for Hawaii–and love under the stars!

A fun and sexy romp over the ocean and under the stars.

Can a fanciful free spirit seduce a stuffy scientist?

After unexpectedly crashing into the tall hunk of brains and brawn, Aurora abandons her assigned task in favor of her first attempt at seduction. Prodded on by her outrageous sister, the sexually innocent and usually shy Aurora makes a bold move.

Boarding a cruise ship bound for Hawaii, astronomer Charles Morigan is entranced by the whimsical beauty who propositions him in the most amazing way: Would he like to have sex with her?

Does the sun shine and the galaxy spin?

A night full of lust and stars, dusted with a hint of magic, just might bring these two unlikely lovers together for their own big bang.

24,000 words • HEA • Heat level is hot and includes one explicit sex scene.